Theatre Film & Dance

Martina, left,  composed the music for Green Candle Dance Company’s productions below.


Watch video: Falling About. Green Candle Dance Co:

Falling About, which addresses the often complex issues that surround falling.


Watch video: No Fear, Green Candle Dance Co:

 No Fear, a dance theatre show for young children. Music by Martina Schwarz  


Watch film: Die Konspirantinnen (Conspirators) 2006:

Polish Heroines in Resistance 1939-1945. A film by Paul Meyer. Music by Martina Schwarz


London Bubble Theatre: The Odyssey


“The atmosphere was wonderfully exuberant and with almost the whole audience composed of families, this witty production worked on enough levels to keep everyone entertained. The ensemble cast, who all play multiple roles as well as singing and playing Martina Schwarz’s well-judged music, was great, and clearly as pleased as the audience that the Bubble is back.”  – Eleanor Turney



Sonámbulas Dance Performance

Choreographed by Justyna Sochaj, music composed by Martina Schwarz

Three characters sharing their dreams have the same lunatic experience. (Sonámbulas by Justyna Sochaj ) Their dreamy feelings and emotions are tangled with the sounds of an accordion which travels with them, creating repeatedly ambiguous and mysterious worlds. Performed by Tomomi Kosano, Nashira Santanatalia Gómez, Justyna Sochaj and composer/ musician Martina Schwarz.


The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor


Martina has composed and played music for most of the New Factory of the Eccentric Actor company’s large-scale theatre productions – aimed at bringing revolutionary events in history alive. The Red Cabbage Cafe (above), New Babylon,  1905, Heroines of Revolution, Victory of the Sun and 1848 have been performed between 1996-2013 in venues ranging from run down factory halls to the Round House.